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Jericho's Bane "Imperial Protocol" is a science fiction fantasy tale that answers age old questions that have plagued man since their inception. Archs having been outsmarted by one of their own turning rouge has been set on a path to lose all the galaxies they helped construct and protect. The rouge, feeling nothing but contempt sets a plan into motion by creating a hybrid called Imperial that will set all galaxies to burn ensuring his ascension to the throne of creation. Having no other recourse and outmatched by the Imperial Protocol, Archs must now ensure that a flame of hope is ignited in a mortal named Jericho and that he has the will and strength to stop the Imperial Protocol and set the galactical universe back to task. 



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       Arrow J Knight

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Up Coming News

Signed and inscribed Remastered edition of Jericho's Bane Imperial Protocol available now.

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Signed and inscribed Jericho's Bane Path to Desolation Part 1, the second novel in the Jericho series is available now.

Signed and inscribed Jericho's Bane Path to Desolation Part 2, the third novel in the Jericho series is available now.

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Behind the scenes of Book II Audible.

Coming Soon

Book III Audible.

Author Spotlight 

Where you can Meet me in Person for 2023

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