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 Novelist , Screenplay Writer, Comic Writer, 
Mental Health Clinician, Motivational  Speaker to Inspiring  Writers 
Jericho's Bane is my Verse to the World 
What will your verse Be?


     Arrow J Knight is the Pseudonym that represents, James L Howard. I'm often asked, how did I acquire the name. Well, there's no secret there. Being an English Major, there is meaning in the most simplest of what I write, even down to a nomenclature. The name Arrow J Knight pays homage to the aphorism that society and close friends would often label me as. They would often say, that guy there is as straight as an Arrow. He never strays from the path. The J of course represents my first name. The last name Knight pays homage to my ancestral name that dates back.


     I didn't start off with an affinity for writing. As a matter of fact, I had no love for it and would venture to say I even hated it. You hear many stories of those who would tell you that they have always had written since there formative years. That wasn't me. I took a different path to writing professionally. My path to writing adventurous fantasy sci-fi began with strong public school teachers that shared their love of the art with their students. Many moons ago, when I was in the 9th Grade, I was introduced to two English teachers that would change the very way I thought about reading which no doubt leads to the craft of awesome storytelling and great writing. Mr. Hisey and Ms. Galloway in there tag team approach of teaching period English placed a series of books in my hand that ignited the mind. Because of them I read such titles: Lord of the Flies, which was the first novel that I read from cover to cover. The story was phenomenal and the class discussions about it delectable. Ms. Galloway introduced the title: Lord of the Rings. After that book, I knew then that I wanted to create not just a fictional world like Tolkien, but a universe that encompassed galaxies Like Timothy Zahn did with Lucas' universe. 


     It took years to work the idea into a scope that was ready to become a story, but I was relentless in thinking out the parameters of the universe that I wanted to create. After the idea was formulated then came the hard work of achieving the discipline and the patience to write my first full novel. When I mastered that through much trial and error, Jericho's Bane was born. My debut novel was the testament, a culmination of limited talent and ridiculous hard work. My idea however did not end there, I want fans to not only have the written text hopefully to inspire the next generations of readers and writers. I want them to experience the world in all formats. Here, at you will find text, to the spoken word, to the visual. I have brought the world of Jericho's Bane to life making it tangible to the fans.













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