What will your verse Be?

   Welcome to Arrow J Knight LLC. It's great to meet all of you and take the time tell you how much your interest and patronage is truly appreciated. The story of this small business, truly begins with humble intentions and the wish to make a high-end quality clothing that is not only affordable, but will give you more for your hard earned dollar by having a dual purpose of work and play.  Allow me to introduce the first line of shirts to start off the Arrow J Knight brand. Meet, Duality.  


     Duality was designed and created by the Proprietor James Howard with the help PaulFrancis Designs. Having watched the prices rise immensely for the purchase of quality polo and dress style shirts, James Howard like many other fellow 99% found himself priced out of having a nice quality shirts for casual, dress business wear, or athletic.   Believing that it is unacceptable to be priced out of respectable fashion due to the greed of 1% owned mega corporations prompted the American spirit of ingenuity and inventive attitude of, I can make a better shirt for a decent price. Duality was created.


     The Shirt is created from the finest Schoeller textiles absorption high performance 3D mesh, paired with Jersey Lomellina Nair for body and spider mesh on the side panels. The Nehru tailored collar is fit with a fine stretch of Swiss imported poplin to help the collar keep it's rigidity. Duality is designed for the Boardroom, a casual outing with friends, a game of golf, or yes... Even the gym. The versatility of Duality is why you've come to purchase, and why you will return to buy more.


     Often, customers asked when the shirts were being sold door to door, Where did the Idea of the design originate? James would tell them "from a novel that he authored." They'd laugh. Then he produce his novel from the carrying case he'd carry his brand shirts in and show them. They'd laugh harder, but then shake their heads at the ingenuity. Duality is inspired and taken right from the pages of his Novel, Jericho's Bane Imperial Protocol. Not a salesman by trade, James found that he loved going door to door building clientele and selling his product at prices that he knew were affordable and that gives the wearer multiple uses.


     The door to door is still done by the owner, and although he had to evolve to the virtual world he made a promise that the business of ArrowJKnight would never lose the feel of the door to door meeting of new clients. Arrow J Knight  believes in building lasting relationships.

     "Building great relationships is what drives businesses into the future. My hope is to not only clothe this current generation, but to clothe the generations yet to come, and to always have the best quality for the 99% so, that they may write their verse and look good doing it."

                                                                                ~James Howard 

     Stay tuned and up to date, as the novel that inspired it all, as well as the art work will also be featured for sale on this site.

Reward for those who read the about us. Use the following Promo Code  AKJ0002 for 20.00 off any purchases totaling more than 100.00


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