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With Imperial's annihilation verdict of Cameroon still fresh on the world's mind, powers are shifting on Earth and in Zero Realm to lend the last Judge of Samson's line a laid path to destroy the Lucien's Imperial protocol. Jericho, aided by his longtime pal Jason Priest and new partner, Grand Prior Asia Riggs of the Knight Templars are headed to the one place unexpected of the enemy, their home. Time is now on a countdown for the multi-nation kill team led by Jericho to penetrate the bowels of Cainsin in an attempt to assassinate a demigod and suspected Antichrist.


While Jericho fulfills his purpose on Earth, out amongst the Sadohedranicverse, Fate's masterpiece tapestry of destiny is unraveling from every corner. To repair the tapestry of liner time, Arch Michael sends Gabriel in pursuit of Painell to a barrier surrounded reality out amongst the Aether. What is uncovered, could change the power structure of existence for all time. ASCENSION!

Jericho's Bane Path to Desolation Part 2

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